Become An Independent Problem Solver

What if I told you I had ONE lesson that if you learn to adopt will pay you dividends for years to come, and a lesson that if you fail to understand the importance of will cripple your progress more than just about anything else.


That lesson…

The importance in becoming an independent problem solver vs. always wanting some-one to hold your hand and tell you what to do.


I understand that it feels good to have someone hold your hand.

I understand that humans naturally look for someone to show them the way and to guide them on their path.

I understand that above all else, safety and certainty is what human beings naturally aspire to have most.


But, understand this too… always needing someone to hold your hand is the fastest path to get nowhere fast in this industry.


The truth is that the more successful you get,
the more problems arise, and
the more important it is to be an efficient problem solver.


There’s a never ending supply of “good problems” to solve as a successful business owner… But, if you don’t know how to solve them, you’ll go out of business lightning fast.


To make things worse,
not only does your need for a helping hand hold you back, it also cripples everyone around you.


When you always need a helping hand, your tendency is to ask too many questions to those around you, all of which would be easily solved with a few minutes of half decent problem solving.


If those around you care about you (which most of the time they do),
they’ll take the time to answer your question, which in turn means that not only does your productivity level come down, but also theirs.


THEN… If they do always take the time to answer your questions
(which most of the time people do), they condition you
to do the same for your customers and team members
when they begin asking you questions.


As a result, when your team members have students, they’re conditioned to be readily available to answer any and all questions.


The whole things leads to a heard of people getting little if any real work done, seeming always busy, but never making any real progress.


Remember, activity does NOT equal progress.


The best thing that you can do for both your own business and your team's businesses is to
+ firstly, become a problem solver yourself, and then
+ secondly, train your team and customers to become problem solvers.


Stop asking too many of the wrong questions…


Stop always needing someone to be there and hold your hand…


Stop always holding all of your customers and team mates hands all of the time.


Understand that sometimes the most valuable answer you’ll ever get, is no answer at all.


Learning where/what all the valuable resources available to you are is essential to your growth as a leader. Plug in, poke around, search topics, press buttons.... You'll grow with every topic you strive to solve on your own. But NEVER FORGET, your leaders are always there to point you in the right direction.


~With all the love in the world (and from someone who was a chronic "can you help me"er ...😉),

- M🦄