How To Choose Your Mala Prayer Beads & Meanings


Ok y’all, mala beads are taking over people’s wardrobes – and it’s about time. What is this fashion trend I’m missing out on all about, you ask?


Choosing the right mala prayer beads can seem daunting. It’s important to remember that depending on the person, a mala necklace or bracelet can represent something different or serve a different purpose.

No two malas are the same – whether it serves as something to inspire you, as a reminder of your intention, or a tool for meditation, it’s unique and specific to you.

how to pick the right mala

There is no right or wrong way to choose mala prayer beads. While some believe that you should study and consider the color, shape, intention, energy and beauty of each mala, the best way is to let your intuition guide you.

You might be drawn to different prayer beads for different reasons. Whichever mama you are first drawn to is often the one that you are destined to have.

Regardless of whether you are drawn to it by something as simple as color or stone, it’s best to follow your heart and allow it to happen.

researching your mala prayer beads

Once you feel you have chosen your mala, do some research and learn about the intention and meaning of your chosen beads. You might be pleasantly surprised – more often than not, it will be exactly what you’re looking for or needing in that moment. Your intention helped guide you there.

what to ask yourself when choosing your next mala

Some questions we find ourselves asking when looking for our next mala are:

  • What are you trying to manifest?
  • Are you looking to cultivate more strength, more love, more truth?
  • Will you be meditating or manifesting? Or both?

Depending on your answer to these questions, there may be a mala that is more suitable to you than others, on paper.

However, if different to the mala you were initially drawn to, we strongly encourage you to compare the two. What drew you to your initial mala? Where do these malas differ?  

Regardless of the mala you choose or the intentions you have, the most important thing to remember when beginning this journey is to follow your heart. Once you’ve chosen and received your mala, it’s best to activate your prayer beads to align it with your intentions and your energy. Follow your heart.

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Mala beads are a string of beads, typically 108 beads, that are used to help the mind focus on meditating. Of course, they’re all used to make your yoga style and bohemian outfit turnt up!

But where does a girl start? I’ve got you covered, babe. Below is a mini crash course on my personally favorite mala beads and their mala meanings.

Balance and Inner Peace
Mihira balances your yin-yang energies

Kali beads inspire creative visualization

Eliminating Anxiety & Emotional Discomfort
Nandi increases well-being for your body and solace for the spirit to eliminate panic attacks and depression

Kampa beads provide positive and cheerful energies

Anantha mala bracelet enhances your intuition and intellect

Khorasan beads channel luck, success and creativity

Humble, Stay Grounded
Inyo beads offers a natural balance of grounding energies

Zarana beads provide protective and calming properties

Swaathi mala beads encourage self-empowerment

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