7 Signs That You're A Healer And Don't Know It

Have you ever felt like a puzzle piece that never fit anywhere - in people/groups, your biz or even in your family - you feel like “I just don't fit in! What’s wrong with me?”

This is the personal journey/awakening, the exact things that I struggled with - I thought I was broken, I thought I was crazy, I thought things were wrong with me, I'd never fit in, I felt like that puzzle piece.

Let me share a secret with you: You might be a healer.

What comes to mind when you think of a healer - medical practitioners, doctors, nurses, psychiatrist, opthamologist, massage therapist etc?

In the most basic terms - a healer is a person who can cure or ease dis-ease.

Dis-ease is something that elevates a person's distrust or anguish. So, in a broader sense, a healer is something or someone that can alleviate another person's distress or anguish.

Think about it: If you’re a mom, you’re a healer every single day. Our kiddos are constantly looking to us to ease their distress. But, let’s go deeper….

I want to talk about 7 Signs you might be experiencing in your day today life that are going to give you some aha-moments. You may be struggling with these as a quirk or a weakness, but that’s only because you’re not stepping up into your bigger power.

7 Signs That You're A Healer And Don't Know It -

#1 - You can't stand large crowds or groups of people - Do you feel overwhelmed in a large crowd? If you put me on stage to train 100s or 1000s of people by myself, I'm fine as long as I'm not interacting and my energy is protected. But, if you put me in a room full of people to be “out there in the wild”, I'll panic. I REALLY struggle and feel anxious.

Is this you too?

I just can-not stand crowds. I avoid them like the plague.

Introverts & the empaths I’m talking to you especially. In these situations you are giving away too much energy + you’re feeling other people's energy - good, bad & ugly. It physically drains you. If group settings are constantly overwhelming this could be a sign that you are a healer and you've got a bigger calling.

Just 1 piece won't make sense so let's look at the bigger picture.

# 2 - You feel the intense need to help people - Maybe you've mislabeled yourself as being a people pleaser. Maybe you feel like this is a burden. But if you really feel into it - is it a deep need to simply help or to be of service aka to heal people? I know I am the "world's worst/best" at that. I literally can't stand it, I feel physically bad if I know someone is in pain or if I know someone is struggling, unhappy or not experiencing joy. If they are in my atmosphere I'm completely distracted + my attention is drawn to the need to help them.

#3 You've experienced some sort of trauma that has changed your life - So often we limit ourselves if we've experienced trauma -- using that as an excuse to why we “can't”. However, one of the signs that you may be a healer is that you experienced a trauma of some sort in your life. In ancient history, when tribes had healers, how they knew who their healer was, was when he or she was “struck by lightning and they survived”. So when we put that in modern terms, that "and survived": is the key. They survived the trauma, came out of the fire or regained themselves and become whole again. Maybe you've experienced a near death experience, abuse, addiction, loss of a loved one or an illness you battled; whatever it was - you battled and survived. That trauma was a part of your story or your journey as a healer because your story heals others. We heal most by seeing someone who's been through what we've been through or faced what we've faced and they are thriving and surviving and are exactly the light that we need to see.

#4 You love crystals and the healing properties associated with them -. If you are naturally called to healing stones, it's a sign that you are a natural healer. You are attuned to another natural healing tool. I've always been drawn to crystals; at first they were just pretty rocks that decorated my home but very quickly my attachment grew into a full blown obsession.

#5 You believe you’re a spiritual person. Do you believe in God or a higher power, angels or spirits? Do you connect with the universe? Do you have that higher connection? That's extremely important and is an overlying theme across anyone who's a natural healer. Having a connection to Source gives you peace, love, comfort and direction.

#6 You tend to have vivid dreams often. I had horrible nightmares when I was a kid - constant, recurring…. all the time. I’ve always had powerful dreams and there have been 3 very distinct instances in my life where I've dreamt something that was so off the wall & nothing related to my life and those dreams ended up coming true within a few days. Dreams always used to scare me before, but then I got power over them and now pay very close attention to them. SO if you are having very vivid dreams, it's important you analyse them carefully. Your dreams can be a message from source or a connection to your higher power. As messages come through journal your thoughts after, write down the images, feelings, messages you can recall. Things to always listen are - people in the dreams, situations and animals. Start paying attention.

#7 You can feel the energy of others, especially if it’s negative. Can you feel the energy of others? Being an empath really means you are affected by + you can feel or have empathy for others. Example - Let's pretend that someone lost a loved one and they are talking to you about it, sharing their pain and you respond - “I'm so sorry I can understand how you feel”  or you go as far as “I KNOW how you feel because I've been through it”. That’s sympathy.

So imagine someone's talking to you - they are sad, upset, even angry- If you’re an empath, and someone's in your space and they are hurting, they don't even need to tell you what's going on. They could even have not told you what's going on & have a happy smile on their face but they are hurting that badly inside YOU will FEEL the loss, the pain & the sorrow as if it is yours. I had an experience when I was driving once, I had to pull over because I felt this anxiety and panic attack, such huge sadness and it freaked me out for a few minutes until I realised it wasn't mine; it literally was someone else's emotions.

Unfortunately a BIG sign of a healer - in our day and time, is healers battle depression and anxiety. Do you feel the same? Do you battle anxiety or depression or feel like you are in a dark black hole? Do you feel like why can't I be happier? When you are absorbing so many other energies you don't understand what's going on and you haven't learned to put up a wall to protect yourself. So it's very important that if you are a natural healer there are steps you need to take in order to protect and make yourself most powerful.

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