How I #selfcared Myself Skinny: From Size 14 To Size 4

Want know how I went from a size 14 to a size 4?

Before we get started, here’s a little disclaimer - The size of your body DOES NOT at all dictate your self worth. The size of your jeans does not dictate how powerful you are. The number on the scale does not tell anybody how beautiful you are. It doesn't.

But if you set a goal for yourself - whether it is to gain weight, lose weight, to get stronger, to lean up; if you've ever set goals for yourself then you know what I'm talking about. That's just a goal for yourself. Numbers don't dictate who you are as a women. I set these goals for myself & I hit them and I want to share with you a big part of that that nobody talks about. If you've ever struggled with weight or body image you know it's not about the food that you put in, or calories that you burn it's so much more than that.

I'm about to share my top secrets - you might have heard of them before or might not have - but I've used EVERY.SINGLE.ONE of these personally & they have been a part of my journey & made a HUGE differences.

  • Brush away the bloat - Did you know you can brush away the bloat? The food you eat, hormones, stress, different things in your diet. . bloat is a very big thing. Belly bloat is a huge issue BUT you can brush away the bloat in 2 minutes a day with dry-brushing. Dry brushing is not just a woo-woo practice in the spiritual world; it is part of Ayurveda & using it 2 minutes a day can give you great results.

You can get a body dry brush from your local Target or Walmart or even buy it off of amazon. Brush your arms, legs & your belly. Medium pressure, quick strokes brushing away from your heart.

Wondering how that helps? Dry brushing aids lymphatic drainage; i.e. flush trap fluids which will make you feel & look less bloated.

  • Hot bath - How many of you feel guilty for taking the time for a hot bath? Did you know taking a hot bath  can burn up to 140 calories/more than a brisk 20 min walk. PLUS Lower blood sugar spikes? It's not only good for body, mind & soul but is also physically helping you in your transformation. Want to add detox to it? Add some Epsom salts to your bath & enjoy a little self love time.

  • Find your tribe - There are many, MANY scientific studies that prove that if you are on a journey - wellness, transformation, business - and you surround yourself with people that are on the same journey in their life, your chance of success triples. Simply by surrounding yourself with like minded people & immersing yourself in a tribe you can increase your chances of success in achieving your goals. As women, it's important to surround ourselves with women & be a part of community.  As we grow up/“mature”, we tend to lose our tribe. We become our own island, develop insecurities around friendships & being part of a crowd which makes us lonely.  It’s SO important to be a part of community/tribe & surround yourself with people that get it especially in weight loss.

  • Get more sleep - Statistically people who get less than 6 hrs of sleep are more at risk for obesity & diabetes. I know you out there are busy mommas, biz babes, always on the go...  BUT, you've got to get your 6 hrs to have better energy, mood, balanced hormones & so much more. Not only that, getting proper restful sleep helps you in the weight loss journey as well because your body is regenerating, renewing & restoring when you sleep. If you won't allow that time, you are just going to stall & hit a wall in your weight loss journey. You could be doing everything else right, eating the right things, moving your body but if you are not getting sleep, you are going to struggle to see any results.

  • Mindset - Going from a size 14 to size 4 in my journey, before I ever lost a pound or an inch of fat from my body or even before I started eating differently, before I did anything I finally fell in love with my body & developed an attitude of gratitude for the skin I was in. I stopped the self abuse pattern that we fall into so often when we are struggling with body image. It can be as small as putting on a shirt & thinking I look so fat in this or looking at the mirror and thinking my butt is so big or I look horrible - so many things that you say to yourself that you won't say to anybody else. You are doing it to yourself constantly. Your journey starts with developing an attitude of gratitude before you start seeing the actual results & I encourage you to do the same by simply naming 5 things that you are grateful for for the day that are up & coming or you are looking forward to & as I close for the night & before falling asleep I list 10 things that I'm grateful for that happened in the day.

    Last but not the least, my bonus & most important secret - Supplements.

  • Supplements - Supplements have been a huge part of my journey. I'm 43, my metabolism has slowed down, I have hormones shifts  & to achieve the results I want, I need to supplement my journey. I want extra help to up my chances of success. I'm the kind of person that I is more motivated to stick with my changes with I see changes happening quickly. I feel excited when I see the first 5 pounds drop or shed 2 inches off or see my pant size drop or the inflammation in my body go down ....or when my ankles & back stop hurting & my energy comes to the roof - when I continuously see things like these in my journey, it keeps me excited, plugged in, keeps me true to my path & most importantly it keeps me out of struggle-ville.

When you are on the weight loss journey, there are going to be struggles, you are going to deal with situations, people & pies that you want to eat in the holiday season, stress is going to come along & there will be things that will knock you off your course & supplements are going to supplement your journey.

Supplements are never meant to be wonder drugs or a quick fix - they can't do the work for you but they can definitely supplement your health & journey. They help you ease gut health & bloating, feed you nutrients, vitamins & minerals that you are depleted of & don't get in your everyday food intake.

If you want to know the supplements I use to nourish my body & help me with my journey, click here to chat with me & I'll share them with you.

PS - They have made a massive difference in my journey & are probably the best investment in my health that I've ever made.