Sexy Systems For Success Podcast- The MLM Unicorn Club

I ADORE network marketing but not all the bullshit that comes with it. ⁣

Emphasis on the ‘marketing’ add awkward before the ‘Network’.⁣
I’m the b̶l̶a̶c̶k̶ ̶s̶h̶e̶e̶p̶ unicorn of my industry. 🐑😅⁣
(I guess you could call me a solopreneur caught in an MLM world.)⁣
I failed TONS. ⁣
I refused to quit on myself. ⁣
I got better at my profession over time. ⁣

Top ranked woman recruiter industry wide. In the past 5 years my organizations have blown past 11 million dollars in sales. ⁣

I DID NOT begin my journey there. ⁣
In the beginning I struggled, like A LOOOOT. ⁣
I also built my business in every way “they” said wouldn’t work. (My friends + family don’t run when they see me coming ..😉)⁣

Were you taught to send cold messages, spamming X number of people/day with “this magic script”? ⁣
“It’s a numbers game. If you get enough NOs you’re bound to find your golden YES” ⁣
“Your time will come: just stay consistent with these simple duplicateable steps”⁣
..... Because I sure was. 🤮🤬⁣

I had to decide to Rise above the noise. ⁣

Stand out from the crowd.⁣

Grow an online presence based on my truth.⁣

Create a brand where people COME TO ME to learn about the opportunity to work with me.⁣

It IS so possible to grow an amazing business on YOUR terms in this beautiful Network Marketing industry.⁣
Financially fulfilling FUN. ⁣
Ya dig?

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