New Moon Manifesting : How To Manifest Your Dreams

The new moon symbolizes new beginnings and a fresh start, making it the ideal time to make wishes, set new intentions, and plant new seeds. Watch them bloom and grow throughout the remainder of the moon's cycle.

Not only are we building to a new moon on Saturday, but it also happens to be a supermoon. 
Ya feel feel that energizing motivation?🙌🏼

It's believed that, when the moon is "super," its spiritual effects grow stronger.

New moon + supermoon = relaxing, recharging & especially restorative. 

For some, it could feel like the start of a new chapter.

The four main moon phases in order are the 🌑new moon, 🌓first quarter moon, 🌕full moon, and 🌔last quarter moon. The new moon is recognizable because the moon is completely dark with zero-percent luminosity. This month's new moon falls on Saturday, August 11, and it just so happens to also be a partial solar eclipse. 

A solar eclipse amplifies the energy of the new moon and can usher in a radical changes to enable a new beginning. 

This is super new moon is a super powerful time for setting intentions.

New Moon Manifesting Ritual 

Supplies: silver marker, blue pen, download and print my complete new moon manifesting worksheet + guide. 

1. On the new moon, grab your new moon worksheet, silver pen, blue pen and find a comfortable environment outside where you can sit. 
2. With your silver pan, go over the outline of the circle and the four moons on your sheet.
3. With your blue pen right up to 10 wishes inside the circle. Start with ”Dear ___________” (whatever fits your belief.) Then list your wishes. It’s very important to write your wishes within 24 hours of the specific time that the new moon starts.
4. Add your signature and date at the bottom of the sheet.
5. Say “thank you” out loud three times to emphasize that what you’re asking for already exists in the universe.
6. Fold your new moon wish sheet in half and then half a second time.
7. Place your sheet in an area where it can remain undisturbed until the full moon.
8. Meditate, focus, or spend intentional time on your moon wishes daily paying attention to the small bumps in the edges that the universe will send with divine inspiration for action.
9. Under the full moon open your moon sheet and burn it carefully with the candle releasing your intention to the universe.