Pin For Profits - A Beginners Guide On How To Make Money On Pinterest

Pinterest is hands down the most effective way to drive traffic to my site.

Does this sound like you? ----> You're ready to throw in the towel! All the commitment, time + work you have put into your business is starting to feel pointless. You may think there is just too much competition and you won’t be able to stand out.

Here's my beautiful secret: Pinterest is one of the most underutilized marketing tools on the planet. Second only to Google as a search engine!

The amount of traffic you can generate is mind blowing. No matter what niche you are in it can provide results if you apply proper strategy.

Zero awkward conversations. 

And zero cold messages. 💁🏻‍♀️😅

You are absolutely missing out if you aren’t Pinning Yo’ Biz thoughtfully. 


Advantages Of Using Pinterest For Traffic

This is so exciting! I did a few Google searches and  found that on EACH results page, Pinterest results appeared. That means you get more bang for post with Pinterest because Google also ranks and uses Pinterest results.

This can be done with or without a blog. I started with no blog using content/links from my Facebook, instagram, product website (network marketing replicated side) and stumbled into amazing results. 


Let’s talk about some Pinterest Fun Facts

  • 93% of Pinterest users have shopped online in the last 6 months!

  • Pinterest IS a search engine, second only to google. So that means you have DOUBLE the search BOOM with Pinterest because Google will rank and use Pinterest results in their own results too.

  • It is NOT a “social” platform, no messaging, extreme interaction, etc

  • Of the 70 MILLION active users- Approximately 85% of Pinterest users are women.

  • A single pin lasts approximately 1,680 times longer than a Facebook post.

  • Pins are 100X more spreadable than a tweet

  • Tiny accounts can have MASSIVE reach.

  • You can pin blogs, facebook posts, Instagram, podcast, Spotify, product links, etc


Getting Started With Your Account

First things first, we want to get you all Set up your BUSINESS account.

You can either create a new account or flip your personal account. It is completely free to have a business account with Pinterest and there are some incredible tools and analytics that come with this type of account. There are other sites and programs out there that can monitor this for you, but the analytics from Pinterest is absolutely free!

This is the link to set up your business account: (Once your account is set to business you need to Confirm your website to have it “clickable” on your profile)

In order to leave a lasting impact on your audience, you have to first grab their attention and then make a positive, memorable first impression.

In Pinterest, this introduction is your bio.. There are 4 elements to the perfect profile:

  • Profile Picture - clean, crisp, bright picure of YOU.

  • Brand Name/Business Name: this is Your name or Biz name (can include keywords)

  • Username: I suggest you use the same across all platforms. This makes you easy to find when people start connecting with your content and want MORE. For example I’m : onlinewithmeagan pretty much everywhere.

  • Your bio: 200 characters…who you are, who you help, what they can expect by following. Call to action


Tips For Growing Your Pinterest Account 

Post Frequently

To get more Pinterest followers, you should post between 5-30 new pins every day. Make sure you are not just repinning the content of others, but also pinning your own unique pins with your own content.

Warning! Avoid a major Pinterest faux pas: don’t pin all 30 new pins within a 5-minute span. Spread your pinning throughout the day.

Tip! You can create a Secret Board and collect pins to save time. Load up your 20 or so pins in the morning, and keep them on your secret board. Throughout the day, return to the board and grab the pins you want to pin on other “live boards.”

Best times to Pin/Repin are EST 2/4/8pm 1 am…Early Saturday morning. 

Create 5-7 core boards that center around your branding that you can easily mix your products/services into

  • Goal get 50+ HIGH quality pins in your boards for maximum exposure and traffic

  • Clean up boards that don’t make sense with your brand - you can simply hide or delete these.

Best Visuals To Make Your Pins Stand Out

  • Images WITHOUT faces do best 23% MORE repins. People can visualize themselves in the information easier so the connection to the content is deeper.

  • Warm tones do better than cool tones 2 to 1 with predominately red photos getting 200% more repins.

  • Vertical over horizontal means MORE REAL ESTATE. Your photos should be tall: square or wide photos get less space AND are often blurry in the results feed.

  • Image dimensions: 736 wide x as tall as you like. 736x1102 is a good starting point.


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We will cover-

The 4 Elements Of The Perfect Profile

How To Set Up Your Business Account And Utilize Pinterest Analytics

How To/Best Tools to Create Stunning Images For Pins: Simply, Quickly + Free

How To See QUICK Results Working Just An Hour A Day

SEO, Keyword Searches - How To Maximize Your Reach

TOP Tips To Help Your Pins Go Viral

Content Creation, Planning: How To Get Your Stuff Seen And Repinned

Affiliate Marketing

How To Customize Your Pinterest With Styled/Custom Themes And Boards

How To Create Free Offers To Your Niche Market To Drive Traffic

Group Participant Boards- Are They Right For Your Business

Blogging 101