Boss Babe Motivational Play List - Success Tunes

Music Is A HUGE Part Of My 'Success Morning' Routine.

Today I want to share my favorite #BossBabe motivational playlist with you. They say music soothes the soul… I’ve always been deeply connected to the songs that tell the story of my current moment.

Awkward teenage breakups, roller rink Friday nights, holiday songs that spark memories of my childhood.. and now my kiddos childhood, the songs that make you want to shake your money maker (or at least remember when you used to), windows down on warm summer nights ...blaring as we sang along however badly, off key. Songs have always been the best form of stories to me.

Music is a HUGE part of my success morning routine.

Music sends messages to your subconscious, it evokes feelings, it creates beliefs, it opens creativity, it elevates moods: The right songs are the cornerstone to your new, powerfully positive morning rituals. 

When we connect with music it has an impact on our emotions, and is an activity where we can connect with others, revive our energy, and experience greater joy.

Among other benefits, music stimulates and arouses our nervous system

If you’re looking for a boost of energy or a pick me up, music may be just what you need. When we listen to upbeat, rhythmic music it can arouse and inspire us to be more productive and enthusiastic. Music can be revitalizing and get us to take action, keep us alert, and maintain a cheerful attitude.

I would love to have your help in building this playlist even large. 

Leave a comment with YOUR favorite empowering jams. 

Now press play and ENJOY, babe!