Top 5 Crystals For Beginners

In part two of our #AbundantCrystalCourse I talked about my top 5 crystals for beginners. These are beauties I use almost every day. 

✨Amethyst is a powerhouse stone. It vibrates at a high frequency, creating a bubble of spiritual protection against negative energy. It awakens higher consciousness, assists in wise decision-making free of emotional confusion, and facilitates meditation and intuition.

Uses: Intuition, Meditation, Protection, Purification, Wisdom

✨Flourite clears and clarifies mental clutter. If you are confused and distracted by too many ideas, or worries about the future, flourite will put your mental mess in order, enabling you to focus on what really matters. It’s a support for work that involves making subtle distinctions, or a lot of decisions in quick succession.

Uses: Clarity, Creativity, Purification

✨Clear quartz is the most useful and versatile of gemstones for metaphysical work. It has the unique property of being “programmable”, meaning you can infuse it with your intention and then it will amplify it, working on your behalf to manifest it in the world. It also acts to amplify the energies of any other stone you are working with.

Uses: Manifesting, Meditation, Purification

✨Rose quartz stone of love. It helps dissolve old hurts and open the heart to trust in love and have faith in the benevolence of the Universe. It has a melting effect on mistrust and suspicion, and reawakens the heart chakra to abundance of love available to it. great stone to place in your home or workplace to increase the vibration of harmony and love in the environment.

Uses: Emotional Healing, Hope, Joy, Love, Nurturing

✨Carnelian is about action. By activating the first three chakras, Carnelian provides a powerful boost to your willpower, with the physical energy and drive to back it up. If your heart wants something, carnelian can give you the confidence and power to go for it.

Uses: Confidence, Empowerment, Physical Health, Vitality.


Elevate your space and your vibe!

In this blog I'll show you: How to clear and cleanse your space, your crystals, and you. 

Space clearing is very similar to the physical house cleaning. Every week I take time to cleanse my space, removing any negativity or heavy energy. It’s always an immediate elevation of my vibe. Even the animals love smudge say. It’s also important to cleanse any crystals that you bring into your home before use as you want to remove any stagnant energy that they may be holding.

There are many ways to cleanse your environment, crystals and yourself. In this blog I’m going to list a few of my favorites.

  • Sage: This is a sacred plant that has been used since ancient times. It’s known as a purifier. Burning it helps drive out negative energy and restore balance to a particular space or crystals. 

Smudging with Sage is an ancient practice. It’s a purifying smoke bath that can be used to cleans a person, place, object, or space of negative energies. When the smoke begins to melt away, it takes the unwanted energy with it. 
Smudging with sage is a super easy way to uplift of the energy. It’s similar to how you might feel when you sit on the sand near the ocean and smell the fresh, salty breeze. That’s because moving water and fresh air are natural sources of negative ions, which are actually positive things to have around. That’s why most of us love the feeling we have after a day at the beach! Zen, baby!
The smoke created from the burning sage releases a large amount of negative ions into the space. The result is a light, balanced, and high vibrational energy.
  • How to: You can find safe in a wrapped stick form or loose leaves. I prefer the ease of a “smudge stick”. 
Light the Sage over at fire proof container and let the sticks catch well. Allow it to burn for 30 seconds before you blow it out.
As the smoke comes from the stick or leaves, sage yourself first. I suggest starting at the top of your head and working downward. 
To sage/smudge your space open the front door and all the windows in the home to allow the unwanted energy to be released. Starting at the front door, sage around the outside of the door frame. Now walk back inside, and begin saging the space by moving clockwise through it.
To clear any unwanted energy from crystals simply pass them through the smoke for 20 to 30 seconds. 
  • Palo Santo: I absolutely love the way this one smells. Palo Santo means “holy wood” in Spanish.

When it’s burned, the smoke is believed to provide medicinal and therapeutic healing. 

  • How to: Light your Palo Santo stick.
Let the stick catch fire, and allow it to burn for about 30 seconds. Then gently blow it out. If needed, you can blow on the embers to keep the smoke going throughout your cleansing process.
To bless your self, the space, or crystals, simply allow the smoke and beautiful smell of the Palo Santo to fill a room. To fill your space with blessings, start at the front door and walk clockwise through it with your Palo Santo.
  • Frankincense: Also known as liquid gold, this resin is extracted from the Boswellia tree that is found in north Africa, India, and Southern Arabia. 

Frankincense assists in removing negative energy from any space, providing protection, and creating an elevated spiritual awareness. I loving using this in my meditations. It is often used to lift moods, to ease anxiety and stress, and for purification. 

Because frankincense is a resin, it’s best used when placed on top of a burning charcoal. Each self lighting charcoal round has an indentation that serves as the perfect spot for holding the frankincense in place. 
Place a charcoal in your container, and lights at the top and bottom of the bricks. Wait a few minutes for the charcoal to heat up.
Add the frankincense to the top, and allow the smoke to billow. 
  • How to: To cleanse yourself or your crystals, simply allow the smoke and rich smell of the frankincense to fill anywhere you wish to clear the energy. To clear the energy of your space, start at the front door and walk clockwise through it with your container.
Note that the charcoal and the container will remain hot for quite some time even after the smoke is stopped so be careful when handling. 
With any of the options above always use a fireproof container for safety. An abalone shell works beautifully for the sage and Palo Santo. Frankincense needs a metal base to avoid burning the surface below.

You can find all of the materials listed in this blog here.

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