Facing Your Fears

People are taught to focus on the wrong things. When fear becomes the focus you will lose your sense of fulfillment.

Many people never tap into the bigger reason why there were called to their business.

Your path including your business is a calling from your higher power. It’s an assignment.

Your assignment helps you grow as a person. by facing your fears You discover your purpose in life.

Your business creates challenges “How bad do you want it?”Scenarios

Things we don’t love about ourselves surface when we join network marketing. Self-doubt, fear, limiting believes, old stories, self sabotage

The assignment/calling/journey wakes us up from the status quo slumber.

It reminds us “you should have more, you deserve more, you can create more and here’s a vehicle to do it. No more excuses

At the top of this live I said people are taught to focus on the wrong things. If you only focus on what you can get - Cars, bonuses, rank advancements, etc. your ego/fear will always be a problem.

“Don’t do that live! You’ll look stupid”

“Don’t reach out to them...”

“Don’t give that presentation”

Fear robs us of our greatness

How do you bust through?

Stop running from fear/playing small. Start leaning into and facing fear.

I don’t need to tell you the things you know you need to do prospecting, marketing, sub development, training, right?

Why do you so many people not do the things? Because they are afraid.

How do we fix that?

Re-frame The entire way you look at being an entrepreneur. There is such a bigger reason why you’re here. You have a unique purpose for your life/bigger than a bonus check, new car, paying off bills, Rick advancement. All of those things are phenomenal don’t get me wrong

You need to understand you were here to impact, to serve, to create a legacy.

NWM Is your vehicle to for fill your purpose! That is your sword to fear! How are you be remembered when you’re gone? What Why did you impact?

Every decision = fear or love wins. You’re choice

Zero amount of business training that will help long-term if you don’t become “for purpose” instead of “for profit.”

Purpose leads to fulfillment

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