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Welcome to Meditate, Manifest & Chill!

Life is all about possibilities.

Have you ever wondered if there were a way to influence those possibilities?

If you could, what would be the results?

Could a miracle happen?

Come to think of it - are miracles even possible?

I'm sure you can think of a situation when something truly miraculous happened for someone, can't you?

Maybe someone close to you, or even an acquaintance. You've certainly seen stories in books or on television of miracles occurring. Chances are, at some point in your life up until now, you have even experienced one yourself.

You may not have thought of it as a "miracle" at the time, but with reflection that's exactly what an incredible possibility presenting itself and a person acting on it is. A miracle in the purest form.

This course is all about manifesting these types of miracles. In a way that's as much science as spirituality. It's a method more than a belief system, you can learn quickly and it works if you work it!

It's changed my life far beyond my wildest dreams and it can yours too!


This is me, and this is me a few years ago, before I made the decision to make some changes. Right there. And this is me today. Ta-da! So, we're going to talk about the journey. I want to share with you guys what I've done, because no one else is doing what I've done.

I've kind of taken some pieces out of all these weird different places and I've put it together in a holistic journey because I was a personal trainer for years, with an emphasis in nutrition and I've always believed that a health journey is holistic. Your mindset is key. You know what I mean? It's body, mind, and soul to really make a transition.

And you have to make that transition for you.

It has to be for you.

It can’t be for anyone else.

I’ve tried to do it for other people. When I was this woman, I tried to make changes for like, my husband and I tried to make changes for my kiddos. I tried to make changes for people, but it wasn’t for me and so it never stuck. You know, it never stayed around, it never went very far, and then, that just made me feel worse. I felt defeated.

Have you ever felt that way? You try to make a change because you know you should, right?I should do this and so you try to make a change, and because you really weren’t invested in it and you weren’t really doing it body, mind, and soul— you failed.

And when you add another failure on to the woman who is battling just to get through the day, when you add another failure on, the hole just digs deeper, you guys. You know what I mean? It is a hit to your mindset. It’s a hit to your heart. It’s a hit to your belief in yourself and then the inner tape in your head says, “yep, failure.  I told you, you wouldn’t do this again. I told you that you were just going to fail again. What makes this time different? Who do you think that you are to try this again? You’re just going to fail.” And then you fail.

So, I want you to understand, I’ve been there you guys. I have failed so hard. So that’s why I really want to change as many people’s mindset as I can. And I really want to lay out for you guys what I am doing and make it as simple as possible because it is a lot of different components and the reason I’m even being pushed to do this is I have really stepped into a mentoring and a coaching role for women. Just because I believe everyone deserves to live their best life.

Let’s dive into the course, meditate some, manifest some & chill some more!

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