Pin For Profits - Grow Your Business On Pinterest Like A Pro


Pin For Profits - Grow Your Business On Pinterest Like A Pro


I'm a busy mama, boss babe soulpreneur, creative, coach.. etc, etc, etc... and time is my most valuable resource.

Pinterest is hands down the most effective way to drive traffic to my site.

Does this sound like you? ----> You're ready to throw in the towel! All the commitment, time + work you have put into your business is starting to feel pointless. You may think there is just too much competition and you won’t be able to stand out.

Here's my beautiful secret: Pinterest is one of the most underutilized marketing tools on the planet. Second only to Google as a search engine!

The amount of traffic you can generate is mind blowing. No matter what niche you are in it can provide results if you apply proper strategy.

Zero awkward conversations. 
And zero cold messages. 💁🏻‍♀️😅

You are absolutely missing out if you aren’t Pinning Yo’ Biz thoughtfully. 
👉🏼Yes, it’s a skill and YAASSSSS you need to learn it if you’re a boss babe growing that empire.

-> Of the 70 MILLION active users- Approximately 85% of Pinterest users are women. 

-> Pins LAST fo’EVER. On Facebook, your posts are around for only a few hours (if you’re lucky). 
A single pin lasts approximately 1,680 times longer than a Facebook post.

-> I have blogs from a year ago and product pins from 4 years ago that are still being actively pinned and repinned and repinned..... 

-> Pinterest allows, nay, It positively welcomes your links. Crazy huh? 

This course will cover EVERYTHING you need to know to be amongst the FIRST smart entrepreneurs harassing the power of Pinterest to work smarter not harder, stand out and drive crazy moment to your online business. Even the tiniest accounts have massive reach on Pinterest, you don’t have to be a giant you just have to have the skills.

We will cover-

The 4 Elements Of The Perfect Profile

How To Set Up Your Business Account And Utilize Pinterest Analytics

How To/Best Tools to Create Stunning Images For Pins: Simply, Quickly + Free

How To See QUICK Results Working Just An Hour A Day

SEO, Keyword Searches - How To Maximize Your Reach

TOP Tips To Help Your Pins Go Viral

Content Creation, Planning: How To Get Your Stuff Seen And Repinned

Affiliate Marketing

How To Customize Your Pinterest With Styled/Custom Themes And Boards

How To Create Free Offers To Your Niche Market To Drive Traffic

Group Participant Boards- Are They Right For Your Business

Blogging 101

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