Want the all access pass to my blueprint of how I made it to the TOP?!

You see proof every single day: The old way of network marketing is outdated…social media, your friends, your family and your network are OVER it and they’re tuning out your message. The cookie cutter BS is killing businesses before they even start.

Here is how I show up in my business with ease: I share my truth online with my tribe every day and continually offer them the opportunity to do incredible work with me. I make money to be myself. I have impact + income that I use to believe was unavailable to me and I’m having FUN letting go of the roadblocks that no longer serve me or my flourishing business.

I didn't become the #1 ranked female recruiter or top sales performer OR an industry leader by accident. It was a decision to do things MY way, to have my voice heard, to work smarter not harder.. it was the best decision I ever made branding MEAGAN eff'in ANDERSON.

Your perfectly aligned customers/business partners/ clients exist and they are already on the internet RIGHT NOW. 
It’s your job to make it easy for your tribe to find you, follow you and buy from you.

The Influencer’s Branding Course is #NotYourMamas online branding.
his is ONLY for entrepreneurs who are ready to be KNOW + wildly successful.

It's not just the pictures, logos, fonts and colors
... we do the actual stuff that elevates your business and propels your success.

I absolutely believe you are drawn to this opportunity to expand yourself for a reason. When it comes time to make a change the Universe will make it so uncomfortable that you have no choice but to do something different. To show up for yourself in a new way. 

When you are not happy with results in your biz, your path, your job, or life, don’t stay in denial and try to make it work. Uneasiness or unhappiness means you’re being called to something bigger and better.
Do your part by aligning yourself with the things you desire. The rest will be history.

Module 1
Personality + Purpose Collide:
Let's meet at the intersection of who YOU are and who you believe THEY (your clients) can be.
Module 2
Woowoo Meets BossBabe:
Raising the vibe of your brand to connect you with your dream client.
Module 3:
Finding Power In Your Truth/Voice
Your message is the key to success. Becoming a story brand is what takes you from selling to INFLUENCING.
Module 4:
The Unique Visual Magic That Gets You REMEMBERED
Module 5:
Putting It All Together and Relaunching Your Brand With Impact
Bonus Module 6:
Money mindset - Shifting into Abundance. 

➳ You're done playing small and struggling no longer serves you.
➳ You are ready to step into your truth and power as an entrepreneur.
➳ Next level 'ish excites you.
➳ You are sooooo ready to connect with your tribe!
Exploding your business with biz partners, new customers and fans who deeply connect with you and WANT to be a part of everything you do/offer. 
➳ You're OVER the "Duplicatable BS" that leaves you feeling slimy + uninspired.
➳ You know success is your divine RIGHT and it's YOUR time RIGHT now. 
➳ Your goals = smashed! 
➳ Ease in your biz sounds sexy as hell.
➳ You're prepared to stop just dreaming and start actually experiencing success. 
➳ You are ready to live your life by design with success + balance. 

What You Will Get

➳ New Content Daily
 ➳ Six Abundant Babe Modules
➳  Pre-Recorded FAQ Sessions on Social Media, Branding & Growing Your Biz
➳ Putting It All Together LIVE Q&A
 ➳ Recordings for Each of the Modules + Trainings + Q+A LIVES
 ➳ Unlimited Replays of Each Module
➳ Abundant Babe Branding Workbook for Each Module
➳ Business Elevating Homework
 ➳ Exclusive Access to the NEW AB Membership Site
➳ Abundant Babe Branding Bootcamp Facebook Group

Early Access/VIP Pricing Available Until April 30th
($333 VIP/ $444 After April 30th)
Course Runs May 14th- May 18th
 One training/module/live will drop each day for 5 days
 You will receive access to all Abundant Babe modules + workbooks + homework

About Me: 

I’m Meagan! I’m a wifey, mamma, SpiritJunkie, Aligned AF boss babe (the new hustle), shopaholic, socially awkward girly girl…. most days. I love helping women find their passion and TRUTH to become the most powerful versions of themselves.
I believe every woman on the face of this planet is magical: And she deserves to live her life by design.
I love helping entrepreneurs, creative spirits, dreamers + hustlers who want MORE (success, happiness, time + financial freedom, sense of community….) level up and find success + balance on THEIR terms.
I provide uninspired/overwhelmed marketers the tools, training, confidence and support needed to become powerful influencers in their businesses.

I hustle to make each experience game changing. Miracles happen when you allow me into your world to get to know you, your biz, and your wildest biz dreams. 
It's time to make your own magic, build your life by design, finally operate a sustainable and profitable business, and be the baddest #girlboss you can be by making your biz work for you - not the other way around!