How I EXPLODED My Network Marketing Business On Instagram

I felt like an old lady in a young kid's world. I saw so many boss babes use Instagram to successfully grow their biz and I was so frustrated because I was STRUGGLING. Soooooo, I went in search for training in specifically how to grow a Network Marketing business on Instagram … and there was very little information available.

Instagram can be a huge money drain, time sucker + distraction to your biz - I see it happening for most people. I see people getting distracted with Instagram, caught up with the vanity matrix or trying to figure out how the bells and the whistle work that they get stuck in that rabbit hole. They get so distracted that they forget the daily actionable steps crucial to growth in their biz - the activity they should be taking that actually brings income to their family.

++You can't wait for people to come to you -

You think that you’re going to go to the 'Gram and post a picture, find the pretty hashtags and people are just going to funnel into you. That's NOT how instagram works anymore. Maybe Instagram worked like that a year ago, maybe even a few months ago. Hastags alone aren’t as powerful as they were, and even if they drive lots of likes:  Do likes equal dollars for you? I don't think they do!

We've talked before that Facebook is a platform for people you are friends, family or aquatinted with ... people already connected with your network. On Instagram, every post you’re creating could reach anyone in the world IF you know what you’re doing. It's a completely different beast so you have to have a strategy where you go find the people. You can't post and pray!

++ A huge Struggle I see with the Network Marketers on Instagram is that they don't know how to create relationships with people.

  - Does this sound familiar to you? You have to create an instagram connection that's more than like-ability; you have to bring people into your tribe. By tribe I mean  they become engaged followers or people that are potentially interested in your products or opportunity.  Knowing how to have conversations is a HUGE part of your biz - don't ever forget that.

++Keep it public

Another tip that came from my Vibe Tribe is -- if you want to learn how to use Instagram to grow your biz you need to have your account settings on "Public". I know it can be scary, especially when it's a new platform.

Maybe you keep a separate one for those private moments or the kiddos but with any account that you are using on insta: IF you want people to see the account, the hashtags or the content, interact with you & your message you need to go public.

++ Network marketers here's the biggest thing I can tell you and this is where all the trainings fail you-

Your instagram does NOT need to look perfect or be beautifully branded. Your Instagram does not need a completely perfect aesthetic. You don’t need completely perfect blocks laid out or elaborate presets.

These can actually hurt your biz and I'm going to tell you why.

As a network marketer where you find the most success is when the average/normal person is having success with your product or opportunity. Success that any and everybody could have or do.

Here's what I mean. Perfection drives a wedge between the belief of those people watching you. When I had the perfectly branded Instagram - 1) it was taking too much time; 2) it wasn't connecting with anybody because the message did not have emotion and 3) people couldn't see themselves doing what I did. They thought "I can't do that/ I don't have time to create all those graphics/ I don't have time to look like that on Instagram". That's not simple or duplicatable. It's when I dropped all the graphics, the fluff and the perfection that I started connecting with people and people started connecting with my message & my call to actions. Because I kept it simple.

I reminded them that I'm a stay at home momma, working a home based biz and regardless of my lack of college degree or special skills I can succeed in this industry because it's simple, duplicatable.

++ Vanity Matrix won't write you a paycheck -

Don't get caught up in the BS of get “10K followers in 10 days” or that you need “so many” followers or you need the swipe up function...or any of these things. Vanity Matrix will not pay your grocery bills, momma. You've got to learn the Instagram buy cycle-  how to get those potential followers -> followers -> your tribe... then how to get that tribe into your information funnel for your product or opportunity. You’ve got to throw the vanity matrix away, all the bells and the whistles don't mean anything if you are not converting.

++ You've got to be thoughtful on Instagram -

I've been talking to a lot of babes who say “Ohh I thought Instagram was just a place to put pictures ....and I didn't know how important the interaction was”. We’ve all seen that graphic going around that “Instagram has strangled your views to just 7%,” and it's just not true. There's an algorithm to Instagram just like anywhere else, it depends on engagement just like Facebook. If you’re SOCIAL on social media you ARE going to show up on people's feed. Period. If you are being spammy you probably won't. That's the only algorithm you need to know about.

Instagram is NOT for products stock photos + spam + buy now impulse call to actions.. Do you have your replicated site in your Insta bio? If so, go change that. There are lot of different options like - linktree or Get your replicated site out of the bio. This is the place for thoughtful, consistent, meaningful strategy posting which also means your images matter. You don't need professional images but you do need good, clear, interesting images. You need to be thoughtful in the images + content, there has to be a message because you are connecting with your tribe.

  Grab my EXACT blueprint to exploding your Network Marketing business on Instagram!

🗯Dear Soulpreneur, Network Marketer, Babe’alicious, Badass:

YOU are the message, NOT a cold messenger.

People can feel that ‘ish, it’s an energy that we respond to.

If you don’t like the responses you’re receiving, shift your mindset and level up.

When you are moved by your message your message will move the masses.

I’m so stoked to help some amazing entrepreneurs feel more powerful and confident with their voice on Instagram. 😍😍

So many women/men are about to level up!